About the book

Through a captivating story and funny doodles, The Inside Scoop makes investing fun, interesting, and easy to understand for kids.

Captivating Story

When eleven-year-old Bob disregards his cheapskate Mom, he injures his leg, ruining his plans for the summer. Like all kids, Bob can’t have a sweet summer without great ice cream. But there’s only one ice cream stand in his town, and it’s terrible. Bob creates his own stand with his best friend Bill; their business journey goes where they could never imagine.

Funny Doodles

By illustrating Bob’s journey, the story becomes more interesting and funny. However, the doodles help not only the story but also the lessons. Through a comical doodle, a hard-to-understand investing concept becomes not only easier to understand but also more interesting. Because of the doodles, kids can learn about investing in a more visual way.

How it all began

Latest News

Featured on CNS TV

In this past Wednesday’s CNS TV broadcast (2/28/18), my book was featured in a short segment by Hallie Miller. The segment is available below and on Youtube at this link.

Mentioned in PJ Media Article

Simon Constable’s recent article on PJ Media mentions my book and my work at the Johns Hopkins University Institute for Applied Economics with Prof. Steve Hanke. The article is available …